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About us

Six decades of pump systems

Beinlich Pumpen GmbH is an international supplier of dosing and transfer pumps for industrial applications in process plants. Beinlich offers a large selection of high capacity external and internal gear pumps, high pressure radial piston pumps and progressive cavity pumps. Beinlich has technical knowledge from more than 60 years in pump system technology. Both the optimal evaluation of individual customer requirements as well as the close monitoring of markets leads to a continuous development of our products. Beinlich, headquartered in the German city of Gevelsberg, was founded in 1951 and is part of the Echterhage Group.

Customer-specific design

In addition to standard pump series, Beinlich also designs innovative and efficient individual system solutions which are realised according to customer requirements for various demanding applications. Beinlich collaborates closely with its customers throughout all stages of planning and production: from the initial enquiry right up to assembly and commissioning. In-house construction, development and production enable short development times and ensure a high level of quality. Working closely with our clients from the initial project development helps us streamline the design, assembly and commissioning processes to follow.

Applications for various industries

With its high-precision gear pumps, Beinlich is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in adhesive bonding and dosing technology. Complete pump units or individual components manufactured by Beinlich are applied in the chemical, dyes and paints, coatings, oil hydraulics, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries among others, in two- and multicomponent machines as well as in the shipbuilding, aircraft and aerospace construction.

Competent global partners

We provide personal and competent consultations in all important industrial countries around the world. Long-standing cooperation partners as well as our own distribution and service companies in Italy, France, United Kingdom, USA, India and China, guarantee perfect on-site service, quality support and application expertise. Our employees and partners are constantly trained to ensure the quality standards of Beinlich. Our worldwide clients benefit from our technical know-how and short development and delivery intervals.

Integrated system solutions

By cooperating with our partner companies VSE and DST, Beinlich develops integrated system solutions with flow meter and magnetic coupling according to customer request. By offering complete systems at a single source, we are able to achieve optimal performance for our clients.