Review of ACHEMA 2022 - High-precision pump systems from Beinlich in Frankfurt

Internationally, Beinlich Pumpen GmbH is regarded as a leading supplier of dosing and delivery pumps for industrial applications of process engineering plants. The technical knowledge built up over decades in the field of pump technology was presented at the ACHEMA.

Explore our diversity - Follow us in 2022

Within the e.holding company group, we form a strong network with which we are well positioned internationally. We invite you to explore the diversity of our activities and to gain an insight into the world of fluid technology.

New ViSCO.series® focus website is online

The pumps of the ViSCO.series® product range are designed for a continuous dispensing proportional to speed where high precision is a must. To spotlight this highly efficient and exceptional series of the Beinlich pump family, the website of the new generation of progressive cavity pumps was created.

Welcome to Beinlich - The place, where the heart beats for pumps

When a company celebrates an anniversary, the focus is usually on the success story and milestones. But what about employees and companions who have made an important contribution to such an anniversary? Often interesting stories and anecdotes are hidden behind these people. On the occasion of our 70th anniversary, we would like to shed light on precisely these employees and take a slightly different look at Beinlich Pumpen's operations.

pump up your efficiency. - Beinlich pumps for the production of battery modules and fuel cells

With a wide selection of high performance external and internal gear pumps, high pressure radial piston pumps and progressive cavity pumps, Beinlich covers a broad range of very low to extremely high viscosity media, which are also used in particular for the diverse applications in battery modules and fuel cell production.

How to extinguish fires with Beinlich pumps

In many fires, it is no longer possible to extinguish a fire with water alone. In order to achieve the greatest possible extinguishing success, additives (foaming agents) are mixed into the extinguishing water with different systems. We manufacture one of these systems, which is based on the gear pump principle.

Pump systems for hydraulic barrier drives

Once upon a time, over 40 years ago, Beinlich was on a search for a suitable flow measurement system for an own test bench to check its gear pumps for hydraulic barrier drives.

ZPBD stainless steel gear dosing pump

Our ZPBD stainless steel gear dosing pump allows flow rates from 0.010 up to 750.00 l/min with 4 sizes and 40 different displacements, suitable for a viscosity range of 1 up to 1,000,000 mPas and up to 180 bar working pressure.