Beinlich Pumpen at Foam Expo 2019

Beinlich offers a large selection of high capacity external and internal gear pumps, high pressure radial piston pumps and progressive cavity pumps. At Foam Expo, Europe’s largest trade fair dedicated to the technical foam industry in Stuttgart, Beinlich highlighted its VISCO.pump®, ZPD and DARTec® series.

Special focus was on the progressive cavity pumps VISCO.pump® and®. These pumps are designed for a precise dosing of filled media with a repeatability of ± 1%. Its light weight space saving design is highly applicable for small 3 and 4 axis dosing robots.

The series ZPD gear pumps are made for dosing applications in 1C/2C or multicomponent dosing systems, adhesive technology, ink metering and polymer applications. Available in cast iron and stainless steel bodies, the ZPD flaunts 43 displacement sizes, 5 shaft seal options and multiple bearing and wear plate choices. Volumetric efficiency values of over 90 % are typically achieved.

The compact DARTec® gear dosing pump was specifically designed for high precision dosing of thermally reactive fluids. A protected sealed needle bearing system reduces the amount of solvent required to flush the pump and downtime between jobs. This also leads to overall improved efficiency, typically > 95 %. The DARTec® is also available in a low weight construction (700 grams) and is optimal for use on robot dispensing equipment.

Published: August, 15 2019