High precision dosing pumps for the electronics manufacturing

In the field of adhesive, two component and dosing technology, Beinlich is one of the leading suppliers worldwide. At this year's productronica, the company presented its entire portfolio of dosing pumps for the electronics manufacturing.

The manufacturer of gear, radial piston and progressive cavity pumps focused on its VISCO.pump® product series which comprises three product variations as the feed and drum drainage pump VISCO.feed as well as the two-component-dosing pumps VISCO.pump2k and VISCO.mini2k. Almost no tools are needed for installation and disassembly. An improved and more effective ventilation and an easier cleaning are characteristic for this Beinlich pump series. New in this year was the control electronics VISCO.tronic® which is suitable for the PCB and electronic component manufacturing.

Besides these innovations, Beinlich exhibited its stainless steel external gear pump ZPDA, which was specifically designed for start stop dosings. The pumps are being featured by low pulsation and an exact dosing of the medium, as well as a fast pressure built-up. By using different tolerance classes, the very same pump type can be used for low as well as high viscosity fluids. The customer can select suitable material combinations of the components for individual applications.

The DARTec® gear pump was specifically designed for high precision dosing of thermally reactive fluids. Its protected sealed needle bearing system eliminates material contact with bearings preventing shear and frictional heat in these areas normally associated with external gear pumps. The DARTec® is also available in a low weight construction (700 grams) and is optimal for use on robot dispensing equipment.

Published: November, 19 2019