How to extinguish fires with Beinlich pumps

In many fires, it is no longer possible to extinguish a fire with water alone. In order to achieve the greatest possible extinguishing success, additives (foaming agents) are mixed into the extinguishing water with different systems. We manufacture one of these systems, which is based on the gear pump principle.

The mixing process must have a certain accuracy in order to be able to use the foaming agents effectively and efficiently. Sometimes this mixing process must also be recorded and be verifiable. This is where the gear flow meters from VSE Volumentechnik GmbH come into play. For this purpose, together we have developed a compact unit with integrated pressure relief valve and mounted gear flow meter, which we have now been successfully supplied to manufacturers of stationary fire extinguishing systems, fire-fighting vehicles, etc. for years.

The delivery rate is depending on requirements from 19 - 930 l/min at an operating pressure of 18 bar. The specified quantity of additives is metered by the dosing pumps via the proportioner into the pressure line of the main fire pump.

Due to the corrosive properties of the respective additives and due to the rinsing with water, only corrosion-resistant materials are used, in our case bronze housing and stainless steel shafts and gears as well as corresponding coatings.

Published: June, 09 2021