Precision extraction methods with the CANNA.pump

Beinlich Pumpen introduces the CANNA.pump, an external gear pump designed specifically for the demanding requirements of modern extraction processes.

Its importance is particularly evident in the cannabis industry, where it facilitates the extraction of essential active ingredients such as CBD and THC. These components are of great value in both medicine and the food industry. The application of the CANNA.pump is not limited to this industry alone. It is also used in other sectors that require precise and high-quality extraction of ingredients.

A standout feature of the CANNA.pump is its nearly pulsation-free operation. This characteristic allows for a continuous and uniform supply of solvent to the extraction material, leading to a higher quality and purity of the extracted substances. The pump also supports vacuum processes, where solvents need to be gently evaporated at low temperatures. This is particularly advantageous for extracting heat-sensitive substances. Its self-priming function additionally simplifies the removal of viscous and sticky residues from vacuum chambers.

Another advantage of the CANNA.pump is its adaptability. By using different seal variants, it can be customised to the specific requirements of the particular area of application. The ability to integrate explosion-proof motors ensures a high level of safety in different operating environments.

Moreover, the CANNA.pump is characterized by its high flexibility regarding operating temperatures, ranging from -20°C to 215°C. This wide temperature range underscores its versatility and makes it a valuable resource not only in the food and pharmaceutical industries but also in the chemical industry, cosmetics manufacturing, and technical applications for the extraction and processing of various ingredients.

Published: February, 29 2024