Pump systems for hydraulic barrier drives

Once upon a time, over 40 years ago, Beinlich was on a search for a suitable flow measurement system for an own test bench to check its gear pumps for hydraulic barrier drives.

At this time, Beinlich could gain a renowned customer for an innovative hydraulic barrier drive. Especially barrier drives at railway crossings must function reliably. It is therefore essential that gear pumps for these systems reach identical flow rates at a preset pressure in both rotation directions.

In those days, a suitable system hasn't been available which led to the company's own development of a flow measuring cell on a gear basis. This development is still in operation and is used from time to time for the check of spare pump deliveries.

Nowadays, we leave the development and production of flow measurement technology to a world market leader in this segment, VSE Volumentechnik GmbH. And so the circle closes, as Beinlich was taken over by VSE in 1999.

Published: May, 27 2021