ZPBD stainless steel gear dosing pump

Our ZPBD stainless steel gear dosing pump allows flow rates from 0.010 up to 750.00 l/min with 4 sizes and 40 different displacements, suitable for a viscosity range of 1 up to 1,000,000 mPas and up to 180 bar working pressure.

The ZPBD series is the best example to demonstrate Beinlich Pumpen as one of the pioneers offering a wide product portfolio for wide range of dosing applications which need highly precise flow rates at high reliability.

Like all our other pump series, the ZPBD can be configured with different material combinations to make it suitable for the most challenging technical parameters. The modular structure allows an adaptation with several material combinations like ferritic or austenitic stainless steel, hard chrome plated or several types of hard coated, with SSiC bushes and stainless steel gears or IglidurX sleeves and PEEK MOT gears. Combined with a magnetic coupling and explosion proof drive it is an ideal product to manage any kind of dosing application in the process and chemical industry.

We are always focused on offering you the best pump for your application. With our flexibility, we can face the latest challenges in dosing technology. Our team is available for you to design a solution for your next application.

Published: May, 20 2021